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    Moyé Must GO. 

    The case against Judge Eric Moyé. 

Moyé is the Lowest Rated Civil District Judge.

The Judicial Evaluation Poll by the Dallas Bar Association ranked Moyé lowest of all Civil District Judge in terms of impartiality, temperament and overall performance in 2013 and 2015. His ratings for impartiality, temperament and overall performance got materially worse each year from 2011, to 2013 to 2015. (  

Moyé is Lowest Rated in Temperament.

In 2015, his ratings were significantly lower than all the other judges. His rating in temperament was 60% unacceptable. The next lowest was 19% unacceptable.  (

Moyé has displayed an aggressive temperament and demeanor both inside and outside the courthouse. On May 13, 2016, Moyé, while driving on the Dallas North Tollway, illegally pointed his loaded handgun at a woman driver next to him. (WFAA, May 16, 2016)

Moyé Lacks Impartiality.

Moyé has a history of parties in his court asking him to recuse himself from cases because of perceived partiality. This is reflected in his ratings for impartiality, where 34% voted him unacceptable in 2015 and 40% voted him unacceptable in 2013. These ratings are considerably worse than the other civil district judges. (  

General Performance, Knowledge and Experience.

Moyé's low ratings during his two terms on the 14th District Court are reflected in having the lowest overall performance rating of any other civil district judge. In 2015, 36% said that his overall performance was unacceptable. In 2013, 41% did not approve of his overall performance.

Little is available on Moyé‘s website or elsewhere about his depth of knowledge or previous trial experience in civil law before he became a judge 7+ years ago. The State Bar of Texas does not show that Moyé has been board certified any area of specialization, and Moyé has never been rated by prestigious Martindale-Hubbell. 


We Must Elect Barry Johnson

Clearly Moyé does not have the depth of knowledge and experience of the law compared to Barry Johnson, nor does he have the temperament and judicial philosophy required to be a good judge.
This is our opportunity to replace a bad judge with Barry Johnson who will be a superior judge in all respects.

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