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Candidate Comparison


Barry Johnson 

Eric Moye'

Trial Experience 27 years of experience preparing for and trying cases in State and Federal courts, including handling over 1000 cases and 50 court trials Limited trial experience prior to being appointed Judge by Governor Ann Richards (I have tried to find info about years of trial experience but haven't found yet, I haven't found any detail resume info)
 Impartiality Will treat all parties in his court impartiality (what can we say about evidence from past behavior - should we mention Barry's A rated Preeminent with Martindale Hubbard)

Lowest rated civil district judge in Dallas County on impartiality, with a history of parties asking him to recuse himself from cases because of perceived partiality



Has always displayed respectful temperament to all parties in courtroom (is there a way to back this up?)


Lowest rated judge, with 60% of Dallas Bar Association members voting giving him an unacceptable rating in 2015.  He has displayed an aggressive temperament and demeanor both inside and outside the courthouse. (We could put links to articles?)
 Non-partisan Will not make law or show partisanship in his rulings on the bench. Shows partiality and partisanship, his website says that he is "active with numerous Democratic campaigns"

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